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From tree debris to leaves and general yard debris we have the equipment to haul away unwanted materials. We will ensure your lawn is not cluttered and looking fresh.
As the days get warmer and the sun shines brighter, it’s time to think about spring and fall clean ups. Whether you own a house or have commercial property, Lake Huron Lawns, a Landscaping & Snow Plowing company can provide services that help keep your outdoor space looking great throughout all four seasons.

Booking an annual Spring and Fall Clean Up is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn. It helps keep everything healthy and looking its best while preventing problems like weeds, pests, disease and overgrowth from taking hold. By booking a Spring Clean Up service with Lake Huron Lawns you will be taking advantage of professional expertise in order to ensure that your yard is taken care of properly.

Spring Clean Ups involve removing any debris from winter storms so that new growth isn’t hindered when it returns in warm weather; pruning shrubs and trees; aerating the soil to help promote oxygenation within plant roots; applying fertilizer or other treatments for added protection against disease; clearing out leaves and other organic matter so we don’t suffocate grass blades; dethatching dead grass clippings so new growth has room to flourish; mowing at appropriate heights for each season; edging flower beds or walkways to improve their appearance; weeding beds as needed throughout springtime (and beyond); plus much more!

When autumn arrives, it’s time for another round of clean up with Lake Huron Lawns' Fall Clean Up service. This involves collecting fallen leaves before we smother plants or cause problems with drainage systems on-site - this is especially important if you have a pond or pool on-site as these areas can quickly become choked with decaying vegetation if not kept regularly cleared out! Other tasks may include removing dead annual flowers after their growing season has ended in order to make way for next season's blooms - plus any necessary pruning/trimming back of shrubs/bushes/trees which should be done before winter sets in since cold temperatures can damage vulnerable branches due to ice buildup etc.. As mentioned above - fertilizing & aerating are also important components here too since this helps prepare turfgrass & surrounding plants/shrubs for winter weather conditions ahead!

By booking an annual Spring & Fall clean up service through Lake Huron Lawns, you are ensuring that your outdoor space looks its very best during every season - no matter how harsh Mother Nature gets! The team here will provide all necessary treatments & maintenance practices required during both times of the yea rin order keep things looking great all round – plus we guarantee quality results every time – satisfaction guaranteed!!

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  • out of 5 stars

    Used this company last year for mowing and fall cleanup. They do excellent work, and I was very pleased! Already signed them up to do my yard this year too! Very professional and courteous crew! Would recommend to my friends!!!

    Don Burgett Lakeport, MI
  • out of 5 stars
    Angela Bills Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    We just signed up with Lake Huron Lawns and found that Jack is a very personable young man and offers a range of lawn services. So far he and his crew removed three large pine trees (20 footers) and they did a great job, We are also signed up for snow removal and lawn care..

    Don Aikins Lexington, MI

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